Vladimir Georgiev

Software Engineering & Machine Learning

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I have interests in programming since high-school, but my career in software development started around 2011. I have held different positions troughout the time from junior to senior, team leader, management, technical trainer, consultant. During my growth as a software engineer I realized that the exponential growth depends on combination of various skills. As a person trying to develop himself in multidisciplinary fields, helped me professionally and I wants to share everything I learned with you.

Telerik Academy

I started Technical University in 2011, I was little bit disappointed by the lack of programming in the first years, therefore I started Telerik Academy in 2012 where I gained a lot of knowledge and experience about software development. As part of the top performers I had the opportunity to mentor others. I started working in the second year and my university was not a priority. I graduated Technical University in 2018.


After graduating Telerik Academy with honors, the founder of it decided to leave and make his own Software University as a startup. I wanted to be part of it, because I believe in it.
I acted a main role in the creation of SoftUni where I took a major part of the learning systems development and I was a principal technical trainer in the first instances of all courses of the program.

MentorMate & Nop-Templates

These companies are part of my journey as becoming better software developer. I’ve learned how to change the development process depending on the team size. Our teams growed and shrinked several times. I built dozens of applications using .NET Stack with JavaScript or Angular, using the latest technologies with several different architectures.


As a development lead I discovered the different and fascinating side of software development. Dealing with the people, mentoring them and taking care of the architecture, planning and business side as well fully covers the variety of my interests.



Educated and mentored a few thousands programmers

Personally mentoring programmers and teaching students as a principal technical trainer in SoftUni/Telerik Academy

About 10 years of experience in Software Development

Full-stack web applications development of educational, automated examination, sales, marketing, recruitment, medical, deployment and other systems.

Machine Learning Craftsman

About a year of experience in learning and building projects


Team performance improvement by 300%. Transform the team and the proccess from office work to remote work in 2019. Kept 1 developer from leaving. Cost savings reduced by 70% with infrastructure improvements.

Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Specialist: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
Microsoft Technology Associate: Database Fundamentals

Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering

Software Engineer from Technical University Sofia

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