10 Software Engineers to Follow on TikTok

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TikTok is now the number one social app where mostly young people are having fun with some music videos, jokes or whatever funny is in their heads. Actually, TikTok is a great platform to test and practice your filmmaking skills easily. But as a software engineer I was wondering how to find somebody to follow with same interests. So here is a list with programmers, software developers or software engineers to follow on TikTok…


Jerri is a building software and posting funny videos on TikTok. He is from New York. He has tons of videos in the platform and it is one of the top software engineers who can follow and have fun with his content.



Vladimir Georgiev is software engineer and posting videos about software development career. He is from Bulgaria. Vladimir has youtube channel where he is posting career videos.




She is beautiful, she is funny and she is a software developer. What a great combination. Follow her. You can check her instagram profile too. She is traveling and snowboarding.





Anastasia is quantum phisicist, software engineer and entrepreneur. You can see in her profile both educational and funny videos. Follow her, learn something new and have fun!





redneckprogrammer here. He loves big trucks, tabs over spaces bonfires and verbose documentation. He has youtube channel with Java tutorials. You can see wide variety of videos in his TikTok profile, so give him a follow.




Mark Wahlbeck is an app developer and he posts advices for programmers. He also runs a Devslopes Academy where you can learn programming from zero. Mainly focused on iOS and Android development. Check him out!





She is iOS engineer and mom of a rabbit. Doer. Hot pot enthusiast. Shenanigans on Tiktok. The funny perspective of what is to be a software engineer can be seen in her videos.





Imdad Ahad is also posting advices for software engineers. You can find him in youtube as well, where you can find another portion of videos for software engineers. He is startup founder, youtube and runner and helppeople with entrepreneurship, coding, weight loss and personal development.




Joe is a software engineer in MongoDb. He likes to code and doing funny videos on TikTok. He likes art and cats. He is also a speaker. You can find his talks in his website. Follow him.





Lastly I want to mention Delaina. You can find nerdy humour iside her TikTok. She is amathematician, dancer, makeup enthusiast. Follow her.




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