Angular 2 Talk at SoftUni Conf

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DSC01226Last weekend (21 and 22 March 2015) the Software University organized a conference –  SoftUni Conf in Pamporovo ski resort (in Bulgaria). It included a wide variety of topics from the IT world. Lecturers were some of the most famous names in the IT industry in Bulgaria like Mario Peshev, Marian Marinov (hackman), Radi Atanasov, Ivan Vankov (gatakka), Pavel Kolev, Radoslav Georgiev (RadoRado), Boris Hristov and more. There were about 180 participants in the conference. Most of them are students in SoftUni. There were also high school students, SoftUni fans and people working in the IT industry. All of them had come to learn new things and meet interesting people.

DSC01459I had the great pleasure to be a part of the speakers at the conference. I am glad that I was among those names. I had the pleasure to speak to people so inflamed. This was the first conference that I had the opportunity to join as a speaker. Until now my experience with trainings included only lectures in SoftUni courses. It’s a great pleasure to be in such an atmosphere.

At this conference I decided to talk about Angular 2. Lately I’ve been monitoring how things are going about this technology. I like the way they work. I like their open-source culture. This is the reason why I decided to talk exactly about it. The title of the presentation is “Angular 2 – Better or worse“.

I covered topics such as:

  • Where is Angular 1 going? Is Angular 1 dead?
  • Will Angular 1 develop? Will there be new versions?
  • angularjsThe Angular 2 new web site. How will the Angular team decide which version to invest in.
  • What are the new things in Angular 1.4? Router, internationalization, new directives, performance boost…
  • What is the future of Angular 1.x?
  • What is the Angular 2. What are the motivations
  • What are the objectives of Angular 2
  • Angular 2 Syntax and differences from Angular 1
  • What is AtScript and why AtScript is TypeScript
  • What is Traceur
  • When does Angular 2 ship?
  • The awesome Open source. And the awesomeness about community involvement
  • How to help the Angular Team

The demonstrations are in GitHub:

You can see my slides here:

 There is video record in YouTube in Bulgarian:

You can see photos from the conference here:

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