My story and features from .NET Core 3.0 at Reconnect() 2019

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I had the pleasure to talk about .NET Core 3.0 at Recconect() 2019 event where we showed the new features and announcments from “Microsoft Connect(); 2018”. It was great experience for me, because I am happy every time I met and talk with passioned developers who want to learn the latest technologies and grow quickly.

About Reconnect() 2019

The conference theme was about the present and future of the .NET Framework and the .NET Core as part of the announcements made to Microsoft Connect () 2018 and dotNetConf 2018. If you have not yet migrated to the .NET Core, this event gives you a great opportunity to learn what the migration steps to the .NET Core are and what you can expect from the .NET Framework in the future. And if you have .NET Core projects, you’ll learn what the new features are planned for. 

You can see the event in facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/753914558306446/

There was 6 talks:

  1. Short history of .NET и .NET Core – Martin Kulov
  2. News and practical tips about C# – Jivko Petiov
  3. Why and how to migrate our WPF / WinForms application to .NET Core – Rositsa Fakalieva
  4. My story and features from .NET Core 3.0 – Vladimir Georgiev
  5. News about ASP.NET Core 2.2 – Ivan Kolev
  6. What’s next – Dimitar Danailov


How I’ve met .NET Core and a little story about my drama with the framework. This talk will reveal some of my projects and experience with .NET Core and what we can learn from them. We will take a look of some interesting features from .NET Core 3.0 and in the end why I love this framework and the way Microsoft is going.




Github: Reconnect() 2019 – .NET Core 3.0 Features

My other talks

You can see my last talk about Asp.Net Core SignalR from PlovDev in November 2018. I was talking about some fancy features part of the library.

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