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Start your first startup! ASAP

By February 19, 2017 No Comments

Today I decided to spend time to go to the event “UniStart Bootcamp: Find a co-founder, Make a dream team“. It is organized by UniStart – great opportunity for potential entrepreneurs with ideas and passion. It is a full entrepreneurship course with lectures and great mentor with solid experience like Boris Hristov, Svetlin Nakov and Chris Georgiev. There was a lot of teams with more ideas than the number of people there.

Why I attended such an event? I wanted to see which are the future ideas of local startups and meet with nice and motivated people, and to help with my knowledge and experience.
I met with about 10 teams. There were ideas about software academies, marketing agencies, social apps, carpool apps, emotions recognition software. These were small part of ideas, of the teams that I was able to meet and speak with. Most of the teams I saw consisted of people with similar expertise.
If you are reading this and you like entrepreneurship and the idea of changing the world, solving problems, help people, growing business, don’t think a lot. Just start you first startup. Why I say this? Because I realize that I know most of the advices that the mentors gave to the teams. And what? I am not started my startup yet. Why? Because I am dummy! I want to be prepared for everything and I was reading and reading books and blogs, but this is a just a theory. Theory that I have only in my mind I didn’t use so far.
If I have to be honest, I’ve worked on 3 projects in the past, but they failed. I hope next project will succeed.
Sooo…. don’t think so much. Start your first Startup. It’s fun. It’s a game. Fail, but this is part of the game. Some day you will win! You have no time. The clock is ticking…
If you need help from mentors, check out startup accelerator programs in Sofia:

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